Become a Organizer

Would you like some information about starting a NSW Push and Power Rugby League divison in your city?

We can help you get started! Here are the ways you can get involved with the NSWPNPRL and the benefits:

Benefits of Being a Division in the NSWPNPRL

Start Up Help

  • Finding a venue

  • Recruiting volunteers and players

  • Attracting sponsorship and funding

Charitable Registration

  • The ability to write tax receipts for charitable donations

  • Tax returns and financial accounting prepared by a CA at no cost to the division

  • The ability to fundraise under the name of a reputable, incorporated charity


  • Liability

  • Directors and Officers

Website & Cup Championship

  • Each division will have their own section on the official website created at no charge to the division

  • Played every other year in alternating divisions


  • Conference call meetings to discuss issues and ideas


National Fundraising Strategies now Possible

If you already have an established and registered NSW Push and Power Rugby League program then you might be interested in becoming an Affiliate Division.

Benefits of being an Affiliate Division

General Marketing and PR

  • Affiliates would benefit from the use of our name and affiliate logo


  • Resource for information and communications


  • Each affiliate division will have a link to their website from the NSWPNPRL site

Cup Championship

  • Affiliate divisions will be invited to participate in the Cup that takes place every other year in alternating locations

For more information about becoming a Division or Affiliate Division, please EMAIL US ON